99 Mary St.


99 Mary St., 
a post-industrial concept space for the showing and sharing of everything that's good in creative endeavour.


A space which invites collaboration and exposition. It aims to inspire, illuminate and stimulate. A muse like domain in which to connect.

And it's for hire.
Call: 0114 273 1799


Already a favourite whereabouts for the city’s right brained folk, 99 Mary Street has already played host to a string of cross genre happenings from listenables to lookables, watchables and even sitables. Whatever happens within the stripped brick walls seems to inspire both presenter and presented-to. A belter of a backdrop.

Dear Mary


What a fantastic place! We had some overseas clients come in from California and needed an inspiring venue in the local area....they LOVED 99 Mary Street and so did we. Nik and Jon were so accommodating and sweet to our team, and the venue was the perfect place for creativity to flourish. (also - I wish my flat looked as fab as this venue). Thanks guys!


Meredith Smith,
Stripe Partners.


We booked Mary street for our wedding in September. The guys at Mary street were fantastic, they couldn't do enough for us before during and after the wedding! We had the most incredible day at Mary street and we are so grateful for the fantastic service they provided. Thank you again - 99 Mary street will always be a very special place for us!


K. Freeman