99 Mary St.

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2018 Sheffield Hallam University MFA student design joint exhibition


Contemporary Panic & In The Name of Poetry
当代恐慌 & 以诗歌的名义

Hua Jing & shuyi Liu

1st May (preview) 4pm - 6pm
2nd May 10am - 5pm
3rd May 10am – 2pm

About exhibition

This exhibition is organized by two MFA jewellery student Hua Jing and shuyi Liu from SheffieldHallam University. It constituted by two theme projects: Contemporary and In the name of poetry. Through different visual language, the exhibition wills showing audiences different originality and idea of contemporary design; and help visitors get better knowing and understanding of different culture andliterary forms.

And thankful to cooperation and help from 99 Mary St, Sheffield Hallam University, Confucius institute at the University of Sheffield and Chinese student and scholars association, Sheffield in the exhibition. 

此次展览由来自谢菲尔德哈勒姆大学MFA 珠宝专业在读生荆桦与刘姝翌主办。 展览分为两个主题:当代恐慌和以诗歌的名义。展览将通过不同的视觉语言展现给观众当代设计不同的创意与理念;也将帮助观展者更好的学习与了解不同形式的文化与文学形式。

在此感谢99 Mary St; 谢菲尔德哈勒姆大学, 谢菲尔德孔子学院以及谢菲尔德学生学者联谊会对本次展览的配合与帮助。


Contemporary panic
Hua Jing

Design statement  

I am trying to use jewelry to show a kind of contemporary panic. Developed media give public wonderful methods to know the world. Only few seconds, we can search any news which we want. At same time, the initiative is lost, information emerges in large numbers to people every day whatever we want or not. It looks like quite bomb. Another point, it is difficult to differentiate facticity of them.

In my work, volunteers wear my objects (virus eye balls which made with enamel). The black hoods make them looks like Victim. Of course, public are not only abuser but also victim in developed and complex media age. News spread in the public as virus, it is the reason I choose red point on the eyeballs.


在我的作品中,志愿者们戴着我的饰品(珐琅做的病毒眼珠)黑色的兜帽让他们看起来像个受害者。当然, 在发达和复杂的媒体时代,公众不仅是施虐者也是受害者。新闻以病毒的形式在公众中传播,这是我选择红点眼珠的原因。


In the name of poetry
Shuyi Liu

Design statement  

Poetry is a kind of special literary form with long history. It is a distinct expression of feeling, emotion, and ideology. Poetry is a mirror, truly reflected the development of human society and the depths feeling of people’s heart. In this respect, poetry can be seen as the epitome of human selves, with substantial content, profound theme, and elegant expression.

This project is called in the name of poetry. It aims through transform poetry into wearable objects spreading traditional Chinese culture and promote communication. I want to leading people appreciating and understanding some great traditional Chinese poetry through this project. This exhibition displaying includes original poetry, jewellery calligraphy and painting and other different form of design works. Confucius institute at the University of Sheffield and Chinese student andscholars association, Sheffield as cooperation partner attend in this exhibition as well. 



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