From Drawing Series 3 (Slate/Cyan) by Peter Phillips (Framed)

From Drawing Series 3 (Slate/Cyan) by Peter Phillips (Framed)


Signed limited edition Giclée print with foil

Published: 1967 / 2015
Image Size: 600 mm X 380 mm
Paper Size: 740 mm X 520 mm
Edition Size: 10 

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Drawing Series 3

‘Drawing Series 3’ was originally constructed in Phillips’ Swiss studio in 1967, to which he relocated from New York a year earlier to work with Galerie Bruno Bischofberger. The work literally ‘draws’ on many common images found throughout Phillips early works: Machine, Car, Woman. ‘Drawing Series 3’ also features a set of concentric circles and a labyrinth - which Phillips became fascinated with while in New York - both of which lend themselves perfectly to foil printing in this special edition release.